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The sizes of slitters vary significantly; from those designed to produce strips with a width of less than 1 mm, to those of several meters. In addition, required specifications also vary according to the material used.
In the field of functional materials, which we excel at, customer quality standards are becoming increasingly stringent. Even for the same customer and the same purpose, the requirements for a machine do not remain the same with the passage of time.
Even if we are given the same requirements, we always try to add improvements and new ideas for the further evolution of the product.
As a result, we do not offer a lineup of ready-made products, except for some standard machines. Tell us your requirements and we can make a proposal for a cutting-edge product.

Built-to-order for your purpose of use

Multi-purpose film slitter

We proudly offer this machine full of cutting-edge technologies.

Multi-purpose film slitter “MODEL 536A”

Small-sized rewinding machine

The concept of product development was the “standard of the future”.

Small-sized rewinding machine “MODEL 134F”

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