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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Recognizing that the proper protection of information that identifies individual customers (personal information) including names, addresses and email addresses, falls within the scope of corporate social responsibility, we are committed to taking the following measures:

Intended Use of Personal Information

We shall use personal information to provide customers with product information or within the scope of the intended use that is agreed to by customers.

Collection of Personal Information

We shall collect the personal information of customers only to the extent necessary, clarify the purpose of use as precisely as possible and notify them of the person in charge of customer service.


We shall educate all employees to help them fully understand the importance of personal information protection before collecting the personal information of customers.

Managing Personal Information

We shall assign managers responsible for controlling personal information and take tight security measures to adequately manage such information.

Ensuring and Enhancing Information Security

We shall take measures to prevent unauthorized access to and the loss, destruction, falsification and leakage of personal information, and continually ensure and enhance information security.

Supervising Consignees

When we need to consign the handling of personal information and disclose it to a third party to achieve the purpose of use agreed to by customers, we shall supervise the party to ensure that the information is appropriately protected.

Offering/Disclosing Information to Third Parties

We shall not disclose or offer the personal information of customers to third parties other than those we to which we have consigned the handling of such information, except when the customer has given prior consent to the disclosure and when permitted under laws and regulations.

Answering Requests to Check or Correct Information

If a customer requests to check or correct his/her personal information, we shall take reasonable measures without delay to fulfill such requests after confirming the identification of the customer.

Compliance and Continuous Review

We shall comply with laws, regulations and norms concerning personal information protection and continuously review and improve measures to protect such information in accordance with changes in the social environment.


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